Fire Alarm Maintenance packages offered by Assured fire protection Ltd



  • - 24 hour emergency call facility for contracted customers
  • - Speedy response to any system breakdown
  • - Maintenance visits pre-arranged at a time convenient for you
  • - Fully equipped service vehicles, carrying a comprehensive range of spares for most leading makes of fire alarm systems
  • - No sub-contractors are used on any system maintenance
  • - Major account customers have a dedicated account manager provided by ourselves with direct contact
  • - Bespoke packages available to cater for all your requirements
  • - All work carried out in accordance with British Standard 5839-1-2008


It is essential that the fire alarm system is subjected to periodic inspection and servicing so that previously unrevealed faults are identified, preventative measures are undertaken to ensure the continued reliability of the system, false alarm problems are identified and addressed and that the user is made aware of any changes to the building that affect the protection afforded by the system. Periodic servicing needs to be undertaken by a company with competent personnel. Weekly alarm testing and day-to-day system inspection is part of the users responsibility The British Standard recommends that a system is tested and maintained on a regular basis the maintenance schedule can change dependant upon the type of building and use. The appointment of a new servicing company must incorporate a special take-over service which in addition to an annual service must also include a sound pressure level test, design compliance verification and creation of up to date log book and operation documentation.


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance by Assured fire protection Ltd

In order to comply with current Health & Safety legislation your fire extinguishers must be serviced and maintained.

The British Standard Code of Practice BS5306 part 3, recommends that your fire extinguishers are serviced at least once annually to ensure that they will function in an emergency. However, in some high-risk situations it could be a requirement of your insurance company, local authority or the fire brigade, that maintenance is carried out at more frequent intervals.

Assured fire protection ltd carries out the maintenance of portable fire equipment in strict accordance with current British Standard BS5306 part 3, the code of practice for the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. All maintenance work carried out is certificated accordingly after completion. Our engineers are BAFE registered technicians under scheme ST104.

We can offer maintenance contracts. Once a contract is agreed we will schedule your service visits on our database. We will inform you when your next service visit is due and our engineer will call to make a convenient appointment. This alleviates you, the client, from worrying about when your equipment needs servicing thus helping you to comply with current legislation.

Having a service contract with ASSURED FIRE PROTECTION LTD entitles you to our emergency call-out service. Should you need our assistance between service visits all you need do is telephone our office. Calls received out of normal working hours are automatically diverted to our duty engineer. This means that you can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The benefit of this service is that you will always be able to speak to an engineer, not an answering service.


Survey Reports & Quotations by Assured fire protection Ltd

We are able to carry out a friendly response to all enquiries, surveys and quotations for your fire protection requirements. Our staff will attend your premises at your convenience to carry out a comprehensive survey, after which we will send you our written report and competitive quotation for your approval. Simply contact us directly or complete the enquiries form for assistance from one of our knowlegeable & FIRE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION qualified staff ensuring you of our best intentions at all times




The client can choose either to use our in-house installation team or a preferred installation contractor. Our installation engineers are all fully qualified and always operate under the supervision of a project manager. Whether the system is installed by an electrical contractor or by our own team, we provide a contracting support service to issue working drawings and equipment technical information as well as attending progress meetings and offering advice and assistance for contract variations. On completion of the installation our commissioning team take over to programme and test the system as well as handing over the equipment and providing on-site training with acceptance certification. All systems installed come complete with operation and maintenance manuals as well as 12 months warranty.



FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS by Assured fire protection Ltd

you are responsible for a residential or commercial building, you also have a duty to ensure the utmost safety precautions for the occupants of that property. As experts in the fire industry, we understand the need for high quality fire alarm systems and have seen the destruction that inadequate systems can have. Here at Assured fire Protection ltd, we provide a comprehensive fire safety service and, as such, manage, install and maintain fire alarm systems. We only use the most established manufacturers and our extensive range of equipment includes fire alarm panels, detectors, call points and advanced wireless fire detection. Whether you want a new, complete installation or you wish to add to an existing system, we can tailor make a system that’s catered to your individual specifications. As high quality suppliers of fire detection equipment, we have earned a reputation for our reliability, professionalism and competitively low prices. So give us a call to take advantage of the benefits we can offer. Our friendly team can provide you with expert help and assistance every step of the way.



WIRE LESS FIRE ALARMS by Assured fire protection Ltd

Here at Assured fire protection ltd, we are experts in the fire safety industry and specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of an extensive range of fire protection and detection equipment. As such, we offer our customers throughout London and the surrounding areas highly advanced and technologically innovative wireless fire alarms. Wireless fire alarms are specifically designed for environments that are isolated from a wired connection, such as a building where drilling wires into wall cavities is not a suitable option. The wireless alarms utilise radio signals to communicate between components, and set off sounders on detection of an incident.



EMERGENCY LIGHTING by Assured fire protection Ltd

In an emergency situation, any failure of the main power supply can have a disastrous effect. Sudden darkness can pose threats and hazards to occupants of the property, either through physical injury or panic. Emergency lighting can be an effective and extremely useful solution as it is able to operate automatically and provides enough illumination for safe and efficient evacuation. Here at Assured fire Protection, we specialise in the supply and installation of various types of emergency lighting in accordance to BS5266. Our extensive range of equipment includes exit lights, over-head lighting and stair and floor illumination. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, our emergency lighting is of the highest quality and is sourced from the finest, most established manufacturers. If your premises require maintenance or installation of these high quality emergency lights, contact the dedicated team at Assured fire protection Protection. Our professionals are on hand to give you expert advice and assistance every step of the way.



FIRE EXTINGUISHERS by Assured fire protection Ltd

Our range of portable fire extinguishers is manufactured in accordance with BS EN3 and bears the BSI Kitemark. BS EN3 is the new European Standard covering portable fire extinguishers. This new standard now replaces the former BS 5423:1987, which was withdrawn by the BSI on 1st January 1997. Only one standard now applies and that is BS EN3:1996. The UK has had, until now, a unique colour coding system to identify the various extinguishing agents. The new standard requires that a minimum of 95% of the extinguisher body must now be in red. This represents a dramatic visual change in the extinguishers we have all become familiar with. In order to maintain some identity, the new standard allows colour-coded zones of up to 5% of the surface area of the extinguisher within the operating instructions label.

Fire extinguisher types are:


Water extinguishers

Foam extinguishers

CO2 extinguishers

Powder extinguishers


What are dry & wet risers?

Dry/wet risers are often called dry/wet rising mains. They are intended for the use of the Fire Service to provide a readily available means of delivering considerable quantities of water to extinguish or to prevent the spread of fire. Before installation of a dry/wet riser, the local Fire Service must be consulted to ascertain their exact requirements. If, having completed your risk assessment, you conclude that the Fire Service would need to use this equipment during a fire, you must maintain it.

What is the difference between dry & wet risers

Dry riser A system of valves and pipe work which enables the Fire Service to pump water onto upper floors of a building.

Wet riser: A system of valves and pip work which are kept permanently charged with water, generally utilising pumps and tanks.

Where are dry/wet risers found?

Dry risers will be found:

- In buildings over 18 metres above ground level or, in Scotland, buildings over 7 metres.

- In low level buildings where there are excessive distances from entrances

Wet risers will be found in buildings over 60 metres above ground level.

What does a dry/wet riser look like?

Typical dry/wet risers contain the following components:

- Large vertical pipe of 100mm or 150 metres diameter that can run internally or externally to the building.

- Twin/four way inlet connection at street level boxed in a steel cabinet with glazed door for the dry riser only.

- Outlet valves at each landing

- Automatic air release valve at the highest point to provide bleeding of air from the system when it is filled with water

- Pump and tanks for wet risers only




PA/VA systems (Public Address/Voice Alarm)

Assured fire protection supply and install PA and VA systems. PA and VA systems are used for a more 'friendly' approach. This is particularly useful for customer oriented businesses such as retail. PA can be used to distribute music around a shop primarily and if in case of a fire can be used to give instruction manually on procedures of evacuation. VA is an automated system that is activated by the Panel when a fire is detected and explains what to do in the event of a fire such as what exit to use and where the assembly point is.



VENTILATION SYSTEMS by Assured fire protection Ltd

Assured fire protection carry out maintenance and repair work to a wide range of automatic and manual operated smoke vent systems. Smoke vents are commonly fitted in residential apartment blocks to keep escape and access routes free from smoke. Manual Opening Vents (MOV) are activated by the operation of either a key switch or, push button. Automatic Opening Vents (AOV) are normally activated by a smoke detector. However, they can also be manually operated by a key switch or, push button. Regular maintenance of both automatic and manual systems is paramount to reliability and performance. BS7346-1 and BS5588-1 recommends that Automatic Smoke Vents (AOV) and Manual Opening Vents (MOV) should be maintained on a six monthly Bi-annual basis to ensure correct operation.